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What Other Things Are Red?

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Did you know red is the first color which babies learn to recognize and in this manner is popular with young children?  Red is an energetic color, with a power to increase blood pressure, increase respiratory rate and stimulate appetites!

And red can help create glamorous décor.  We all know where we might find it during these holiday moments - red wreaths, red cheeks, red jackets, and red nose.   What other things are red this Christmas?

It's the most wonderful time of the year!


Antique Chest Handpainted in China Red

Porcelain Fishtail Vase Hand Glazed in Oxblood Red

Elegant Oriental Dining Room Side Chair

Chinese Low Boy Shanxi 6 Door Low buffet

18"H Oriental Red Blossom Stool Hand Painted

Chinese Red Coral Porcelain Jar 10"H

Chippendale Tea Table 29"H

Chinese Ball Vase in White Porcelain and Brush Painted Lotus Flower

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Antique Chest Hand=painted in China Red

Porcelain Fishtail Vase Hand Glazed in Oxblood Red

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Photo Credit: Customers Sonya & Connie

Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays!

- Team Oriental Furnishings

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